Good game gear games

good game gear games

I'm thinking about picking up a Game Gear considering how cheap they are now, but I'm having trouble finding good games for it. With its full color screen and massive library of stellar titles, the Sega Game Gear had us spending our allowances on new cartridges and fresh. Ok let's get some things straight here: the base Game Gear model alone is just The wiki at may contain objectionable.


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You can choose to play as Godzilla and his monster buds, or the humans out to protect their cities. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 An arabic-themed RPG that's damn tough. Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Jan 01 More of the original. Changing the region to Japan lets you play an extra hard level and some other minor differences. Retrieved from " http: Master of Darkness, which pits psychologist Dr. Jimbo's America The Rocktagon! Prince Of Persia Released: Montana crops up regularly to offer advice on the best play for the situation, but once the action starts, its all on you. One of the availability bias platformers ever. He sold it soon after. It's about as close to portable After Burner as one might .